inFamous: Second Son’s Morality Explained by Sucker Punch

Just a short while ago, inFamous: Second Son developer, Sucker Punch, released a bunch of new screenshots featuring Delsin’s neon powers in combat.

Infamous second son

Today, in an interview with OPM, Sucker Punch went into detail about the moral choices in inFamous: Second Son.

Creative Director, Nate Fox, explained:

“Delsin is an all new character, part of an all-new story and the player gets in at ground zero. Second Son is Delsin’s origin story and because our game lets you choose if you want to be good or evil, you get to decide how he grows as a person and how the people around him are changed by his choices.”

Fox then added,

“When he gets powers, he becomes suddenly very high profile. People are horrified by him. He’s a bioterrorist, he’s out in the city where everybody wants to put him in a cage. But that means that his every action is noticed by people in the city, and even the world”. This triggers an existence full of little choices that can ultimately lead to bigger outcomes.”

“Somebody might try to surrender to you in the middle of a fight and put their arms up. You could violently execute them or take them down alive. Do you know how hard it is to take down everyone alive? And when you do it, you feel like a superhero because you actually did the work.”

“Choosing to be a good guy or a bad guy, that’s the simple choice. The harder thing to do is, are you capable of walking the walk? And that’s where the game comes alive in terms of karma in my mind.”

In case you missed it, check out the screenshot of the inFamous: Second Son PS4 Bundle.

inFamous: Second Son is a PS4 exclusive and is scheduled to release March 21, 2014.

Are you looking forward to playing?