Indie Royale War & Mystery Bundles Games Unlocked

The Indie Royale War and Mystery bundles reveal unlocked games!
The War Bundle has added its ninth title: Warp Ball from Vethan. It’s a frantic multi-player game available from Desura for Windows
Indie Royale
The Mystery Bundle has revealed its third & fourth games: Huntsman: The Orphanage is a horror game from Shadowshifters for Windows & Mac and Paranormal State: Poison Spring from LegacyGames is an eerie adventure game for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Mystery Bundle will be $1.59 until we reveal the next game.
Indie Royale
You can find more information on these Indie Royale bundles, including real-time statistics and current prices, on the official website or via the Facebook,Twitter and Google+ pages.

Source: Official Website