Indie Royale The Insulin Bundle Now Live

The Indie Royale The Insulin Bundle is now live.

The Bundle has launched! The latest collection of games from Indie Royale is now live. This week’s bundle features seven games for you to enjoy, all which are on Steam.

Indie Royale The Insulin Bundle Now Live

Coin Crypt , Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Ep. II War of The Abyss, Goats on a Bridge, Crazy Cars – Hit The Road,On A Roll 3D, Coma:Mortuary and Hexcells Infinite make up the The Insulin Bundle. All of these games run on Windows and include Steam keys. Coin Crypt , Crazy Cars and Hexcells Infinite run on Mac and Hexcells also runs on Linux. Goats on a Bridge comes with a Steam Trading Cards.

The price of the bundle will start at $3.19 but will increase , very, very, very slowly.

Source: Official Website