Indie Royale – The Debut 4 Bundle Now Available, Trailer


The Debut 4 Bundle is now available from Indie Royale.

This week’s bundle showcases six titles as well as extra unannounced bonus games still to come.

  1. Block Story
  2. ASA: A Space Adventure
  3. “Beware Planet Earth!”
  4. Diadra Empty
  5. Bollywood Wannabe, and
  6. Undead Legions

The six games are available for Windows via Desura and are on Steam Greenlight. (Block Story and “Beware Planet Earth!” are also available for Mac.)

The bundle will start you at $3.49 but if you beat the $7 bonus target, you can also pick up the Metal Case Mental Case album from Vidboy.

You can view the Debut 4 Bundle from Indie Royale video below: