Indie Royale The Choices 2013 Bundle Now Available

The Choices 2013 Bundle is now available from Indie Royale.

a valley without wind


The Choices 2013 Bundle has a minimum prices of $5.17 and features eight titles from previous 2013 bundles:

  • A Valley Without Wind
  • A Valley Without Wind 2
  • Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman
  • Cognition Episode. 2: The Wise Monkey
  • Dungeon Hearts
  • Pid
  • Richard & Alice
  • Waveform

All the games are available for Windows via Steam and Desura as well as Mac, except Richard & Alice which is also on Steam Greenlight. Dungeon Hearts and Waveform are also on Linux

You can download The Choices 2013 Bundle on the official Indie Royale website.

If you pay over $6 you will also get the CoLD SToRAGE, Slipstream Volume 1 album.

Will you be downloading the bundle today?