Indie Royale The Soapsuds Bundle Now Live

Indie Royale
The Soapsuds Bundle is out!
The Soapsuds Bundle has been released! This week’s bundle features six great indie games for you to enjoy.
Indie Royale
Asteria, Blast Em!, Brink of Consciousness; Dorian Grey Syndrome, Morphopolis, Procyon and Ace Revolution are in this week’s bundle. All of these fantastic games are available for Windows from Steam, with Blast Em! also being available on Mac. 5 of the games come DRM free with Procyon also including a free OST. Asteria comes with Steam Trading Cards. So don’t get cleaned out, jump on the Soapsuds Bundle for 6 awesome games now!
Indie Royale
On top of all this! Spend $5 or more and you’ll get the epic Chiptune album nova by xyce.

Let us know if you’ll be getting The Soapsuds Bundle for $4.68 minimum and please share this post with your friends to help out charity.

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