Indie Royale The Mixer 8 Bundle Unlocks Extra Game

The Mixer 8 Bundle has unlocked its extra game! The latest collection from Indie Royale has added its ninth title: Ostrich Island from MeDungeon Games. It’s available from Desura for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Indie Royale

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, Galactic Arms Race, Oil Rush, QuestRun, Pressured, Gravity Badgers, Hexcells Plus and Level 22, Gary’s Misadventures are already in this week’s bundle. All of those games are available for Windows from Steam. Six are also on Mac & four on Linux. Three of them have Steam trading cards.

Indie Royale

The bundle also includes Infinity Wars – Animated Trading Card Game: a free to play MMO with special bonus content worth another $7.

In addition, beat the $6 bonus target and you also get the great chiptune album weeabeats album from James Roach.

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Source: Official Website