Indie Royale The Debut 22 Bundle is Now Out

Indie Royale

The Debut 22 Bundle is out!

The Debut 22 Bundle has been launched! The latest collection of Indie Royale games is now live. This week’s bundle features 7 fantastic games from Steam Greenlight, for you to checkout.

Indie Royale

East Tower – Akio, Star-Twine, Cruel Arena, Bit Shifters, Bomb the Monsters!, StarNomad and Make it Indie! are all in this week’s bundle. These fantastic games are all compatible with Windows. East Tower – Akio, StarNomad and Make it Indie! are also available for Mac whilst Make it Indie! is also on Linux. All 7 of these games come DRM Free. These developers are looking for your support and your votes to get their games out of Steam Greenlight and on to Steam.

On top of all this, spend $5 or more and you’ll get the Chiptune album The Dominant Idea by Gem Tos from the Data Airlines camp.

Over on Daily Royale we’re running the Survivor Squad Deal. You can get Survivor squad for a colossal 90% off! That comes to only 89c! in that odd currency called dollars.

Source: Official Website