Indie Royale The Debut 18 Bundle is Now Live

The Debut 18 Bundle is out! The latest collection of Indie Royale games is now live. This week’s bundle features seven amazing indie games all looking for your support to get onto Steam.

Indie Royale

In Exilium, Dungeon of Gain, Drew and the Floating Labyrinth, Crunch Time!, Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land, Inside the Gear and Voyage to Farland are in this week’s bundle. All of the games are available for Windows from Desura. All except Dungeon of Gain and Inside the Gear are on Mac too. Four are on Linux and Voyage to Farland is also on Android.

In addition, beat the $5 bonus target and you also get the SMRTPHONE – #0 album from SMRTPHONE!

Let us know if you’ll be getting The Debut 18 Bundle for $2.94 minimum and please share this post with your friends to help out charity.

Source: Official Website