iGun Pro 2, Sequel to World’s Most Popular Gun Simulator App Now Available

iGun Pro 2, Sequel to World's Most Popular Gun Simulator App Now Available

Next Generation Builds on Unprecedented Popularity of Original Title which Amassed over 55 Million Downloads; New Gameplay Elements Include Loot Crates, User-Customized Guns, Global Design Contests, and iMessage Stickers

DAYTON, Ohio – PRNewswire – Crimson Moon Entertainment, developer of community-centric mobile apps and games, today announced the launch of iGun Pro 2 – the definitive sequel to iGun Pro, a non-violent, ultra-realistic firearm simulation app which has amassed more than 55 million downloads worldwide. Available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and coming soon to Android devices, the new experience builds on the original with the introduction of a card-based progression system and user-generated content capabilities featuring customizable weapon skinning and global design contests. iGun Pro 2 also integrates social and iMessage stickers, allowing gamers to design custom guns and share with friends via text, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email.

iGun Pro 2 is available for download in the App Store here: goo.gl/axgCll

Get a sneak peek of the app with the official iGun Pro 2 gameplay trailer:

iGun Pro 2 allows users to collect, upgrade, design, compete, and share. With a rapidly expanding selection of new firearms, unique attachments, and design patterns released on a regular basis – the opportunities to collect, paint, and create customized guns are endless. High-quality graphics and ultra-realistic simulation enhance the gameplay experience as players virtually load and fire various weapons collected by earning cards through daily crates and design contest rewards. Through the progression system, users unlock new patterns and attachments to customize and grow virtual arsenals.

iGun Pro 2 players can become the ultimate gunsmith by mastering key gameplay features:

  • Collect – Build an extensive arsenal by collecting new guns, ranging from handguns to grenade launchers, then view the collection on a virtual gun wall.
  • Upgrade – A card-based progression system allows users to advance through levels by earning crates to unlock rewards, collect new guns, upgrade existing firearms, and earn new patterns and attachments.
  • Design – Make each gun truly unique with Crimson Moon’s proprietary painting and skinning system that allows users to design custom guns with hundreds of colors and patterns. An assortment of attachments adds even more customization options.
  • Compete – Win loot and fame by competing in design contests against players from around the world. In the future, iGun Pro 2 will also feature limited-edition competitions with real-world prizes.
  • Share – Brag about new creations by saving gun designs and sharing through social media or the built-in stickers functionality, allowing users to connect with friends over text.

iGun Pro was a labor of love; something that began as a side project, quickly became a full-time gig, and eventually grew into the flourishing business now known as Crimson Moon,” said David Holtkamp, founder and CEO of Crimson Moon Entertainment. “The most gratifying part of building iGun Pro was that the community truly grew organically, and over the years developed into a passionate group of users that are actively involved in shaping the iGun Pro experience.”

iGun Pro 2 launched following extensive user testing leveraging the iGun Pro community of more than 1.5 million monthly active users. Between user surveys, forum engagement, and a soft launch period of more than three months, iGun Pro 2 evolved from direct input and insights from the iGun Pro community.

iGun Pro 2 is truly the sequel the community wants and deserves,” Holtkamp said. “Each piece of functionality built into the new app improves upon features from the original iGun Pro while enhancing the overall experience. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to further the iGun Pro 2 experience.”

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