iDreamSky Presents First-Ever Action Runner Buddyman: Shoot and Run

iDreamSky Presents First-Ever Action Runner Buddyman: Shoot and Run

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — iDreamSky announced that the company is going to publish a brand new title, Buddyman: Shoot and Run, the first action runner mobile game in the world from Alpinio studio. The game will initially launch on iOS app store in North America in Q2, 2016.

Buddyman: Shoot and Run, the latest addition to the trendsetting Buddyman franchise, is a fast-paced action runner game. The game combines the elements from traditional endless runner and action games, which allows players to run and shoot while destroying all the things along the way. Players can run along the route which consists of three paths, stepping left or right for indefinite period of time. Meanwhile, players have to evade random toy-like obstacles by four-direction swiping, jumping over them or destroying them by means of shooting or activating special features.

The game is easy to apprehend and runs smoothly on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Major Buddyman: Shoot and Run Features:

  • Play as up to 7 roles – The game introduces 7 heroes, each enabling original interaction style: commando, pirate, astronaut, chef, trumpeter and wizard, each having its unique weapon and outfits. More heroes will be introduced in the future.
  • Super funny 3D effects – Developed with Unity game engine, Buddyman: Shoot and Run presents impressive 3D-graphics, effects, and animations including some funny cartoon effects like egg blast.
  • Infinite missions in a giant world – The game provides over 150 missions. The missions will become more challenging with more formidable rewards as players progress.
  • Plenty of props to help – Some fancy boosters are designed to offer player better experience of getting start and support including double coins, extra ammo, kick start, score bonus, batteries and magnets.
  • New mechanism – Unlike traditional runner games, there are two types of obstacles to enrich game experience. The soft props such as glass and toy bricks will only slow a player down, instead of stopping him/her. However, hit by hard ones like trains and walls will end the game.
  • Social and PVP features – Integrated with Apple game center, the game has up to 74 achievements with ranks from the lead board so that players can compete with their friends in the game. PVP model will be introduced sooner.

“We are proud to present Buddyman: Shoot and Run to the world,” said Johnny Zhong, producer of iDreamSky. “The game has added new blood to our portfolio, it is a fun game for both adults and kids. Once you try it, you will love it.”

Currently the game has launched its alpha version on iOS.