Iconic TOMB RAIDER Franchise Celebrates 20 Years with Powerful Music Video

Iconic TOMB RAIDER Franchise Celebrates 20 Years with Powerful Music Video

New York Comic Con October 6, 2016—In celebration and honor of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the 20 Year Celebration Anniversary of the iconic Tomb Raider franchise, Crystal Dynamics has teamed up with Player Piano, the popular viral YouTube music series created by Sonya Belousova, one of the most accomplished young composers and recording artists, on an epic new Tomb Raider-inspired music video that just had its World Premiere Thursday at New York Comic Con.

The video, which featured Belousova‘s incredible original arrangement and performance of the iconic Tomb Raider themes, premiered today at NYCC October 6 during Crystal Dynamics’ live stage session. The video and session was live streamed on the main Twitch channel and is now available on Belousova‘s Player Piano YouTube channel.

The viral and multi award winning hit music series Player Piano was created by the brilliant composer and pianist Sonya Belousova and director Tom Grey and executive produced by the legendary Stan Lee. The channel has generated over 12 million views in a record time. Belousova has previously wowed the audience with her innovative original arrangements of Star WarsDoctor Who, Super Mario Bros.Game of ThronesAkira,The Walking Dead, among others.

The Tomb Raider music video opens with Belousova‘s haunting solo piano arrangement and performance of the Original Tomb Raider Theme visually enhanced by the majestic view of the desert; the music then transitions into a romantic emotional arrangement of the Angel of Darkness Main Theme accompanied by the dark lush symphony orchestra, with Belousova gracefully performing it in a heavy rain in a dark forest; suddenly epic percussion and drums take over and immediately bring us into the world of the Tomb Raider Legend Main Theme featuring the full symphony orchestra with a large percussion section and Belousova‘s signature virtuosic solo piano; the arrangement climaxes with Belousova‘s powerful symphonic interpretation of A Survivor Is Born Theme from Tomb Raider Reboot celebrating the music in its full glory.  

“I had an incredible time composing and producing the music for Crystal Dynamics. My goal was to reflect the spirit and the journey of the Tomb Raider franchise by travelling all the way from the intimate solo piano moments through the dark romantic lush strings to the epicness of the whole symphony orchestra,” – describes Belousova.

Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Medley Trailer:

Sonya Belousova is one of today’s most accomplished young composers, pianists and recording artists. Belousova’s composing work has previously wowed audiences at Comic Con and Anime Expo with Belousova performing her original arrangements featuring solo piano with a 70-piece orchestra and 30-piece choir at a sold out crowd. She is known for her close collaboration with 6-time Grammy winning & 2-time Oscar nominated producer Jorge Calandrelli. Belousova arranged & orchestrated multi-platinum Mario Frangoulis’ TALES OF CHRISTMAS Album recorded by the London Philharmonia at Abbey Road featuring guest performers Grammy Award winners Sarah Brightman, Marilyn Horne and Jorge Calandrelli, as well as Belousova herself. She is currently in production of her solo piano album produced by Calandrelli, which is being recorded at the historical Capitol Records. Belousova’s selected film credits include HOW SARAH GOT HER WINGS starring Teen Choice Award nominee Derek Theler and Lindsey Gort; THE BOAT BUILDER starring Emmy Award winner Christopher Lloyd and Golden Globe nominee Jane Kaczmarek; CHRISTMAS TRADE starring MTV Movie Award winner William Baldwin and nominees Denise Richards and Tom Arnold;TWO-BIT WALTZ starring Academy Award nominees William H. Macy and David Paymer, Rebecca Pidgeon, Clara Mamet and Jared Gilman, directed by Clara Mamet from executive producer David Mamet. Belousova’s work with award winning choreographer and former Boston Ballet’s soloist Viktor Plotnikov was described as “groundbreaking”, “a big hit” and “stunning” with Belousova composing the scores for Plotnikov’s three original ballets: ORCHIS, shortlisted for Grammy as Best Contemporary Classical Composition, SURROGATE and recently THE HOUST OF BERNARDA ALBA, premiered by the Festival Ballet Providence.

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