Hyper Universe Side-Scrolling MOBA Heading to PAX South

Hyper Universe Side-Scrolling MOBA Heading to PAX South

First Hands-On Opportunities Available this Weekend at PAX South

LOS ANGELES – January 25, 2017 – Shaking up the MOBA genre with a unique new twist, Nexon America today announced it will bring Hyper Universe to North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceania in 2017. Combining the gameplay of a side-scrolling action platformer with the highly strategic, team-oriented gameplay found in a MOBA, Hyper Universe reimagines a popular genre to deliver action-oriented mayhem.

Attendees of PAX South in San Antonio, TX this weekend will have the chance to be among the first to experience the intense side-scrolling MOBA, in booth 11854.

Hyper Universe Side-Scrolling MOBA Heading to PAX South

In Hyper Universe, players will take control of one of a multitude of battle-ready “Hypers” and use their insane abilities to defeat the opposing team and bring about victory. Taking many shapes and sizes, the Hypers range from a mage who rains down giant snowmen on his enemies, to a mongoose riding astride an armored rhinoceros, to a tentacled Admiral with the power of the kraken at his call, and more! The distinctive playable characters, inspired by legendary icons in popular culture, fall into a diverse set of both new and traditional MOBA roles to create a frenetic battlefield filled with a wealth of crazy techniques and exhibitions of skill.

Played using a two-handed keyboard control scheme, Hyper Universe challenges players with five turrets to dominate and defend across multi-level, side-scrolling maps, as they dash and jump across the game to save the universe.

Here is the Hyper Universe Official Announce Trailer:

Learn more about Hyper Universe at hyperuniverse.nexon.net. Information about upcoming tests will be announced soon.