Hybrid Slot Machine Combat Game MONSTER ROLLER Launches Worldwide

Hybrid Slot Machine Combat Game MONSTER ROLLER Launches Worldwide

Southeast Asian virtual game studio Boomzap Entertainment has launched hybrid slot machine combat game, Monster Roller on iOS and Android devices.

Monster Roller is a battle strategy game, fought with real-time PVP. Players choose a mode for each active monster, then roll to see what move the monster performs. Strategies might be attacking, defending, healing, and so on. Train and raise unique monsters that evolve from child to adult with a hatching and incubation system. Customize strategies based on monster type and develop unique abilities for additional advantages in battle.

Monster Roller Gameplay

Monster Roller uses a slot machine mechanic to visualize randomness in how powerful an ability is, similar to how RPG players might use a dice. In most games, the chance to get a critical hit is usually buried in a page of stats. Meanwhile, Monster Roller puts this information to the front because being aware of these probabilities factors into strategy. The flip side to showing stats like that means that there’s a bigger cognitive load when a player has to remember them all in his/her head, which is why Monster Roller uses a simplified system (everyone can attack, but different monsters can do only one other thing — some of them can defend, others can heal, and others can buff or debuff an enemy).

What Makes It Special

Monster Roller has a unique slot machine battle system, combining luck and strategy elements into a competitive, live PVP game. It is easy to pick up and understand, but packs a lot of depth. Each monster has its own set of abilities and a role in battle; pair different monsters to create unique, strategic plays.

Here is the Monster Roller official trailer:

You can now download Monster Roller on iOS and Android.

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