Hotline Miami Biker Figure Kickstarter Launched

Hotline Miami Biker Figure Kickstarter Launched

The second figure in the series of the popular Hotline Miami game is Biker. The figure is designed by in collaboration with Devolver Digital and Dennaton.

Hotline Miami is an extremely popular action game that involves gun play, raw brutality, extreme violence, and close combat. From the moment it was released, it attracted the players from all around the world. When playing the game, you will be the part of the alternative 1989 Miami. The action starts right after you get the message on your answering machine. You will get the task that must be performed!

Biker receives similar phone calls and incentives as Jacket, but things go awry when he tries to pull out of the group. After initially joining 50 Blessings out of boredom, Biker has no issues with killing mobsters, but wants out when he begins searching for the truth behind the hit group. Armed with a cleaver and throwing knives, Biker gets involved in a confrontation with Jacket, forcing Jacket to take him down or risk getting killed himself.

Hotline Miami Biker Figure Kickstarter Launched


The HOTLINE MIAMI Biker figure is a 1/6 figure that comes with two removable heads: unmasked Biker and Biker helmet. This figure is 12” tall. Interchangeable clothing such as removable boots, a pair of jeans and one removable vests come with the Biker figure. Biker’s weapons are included as well, three throwing knives set and a meat cleaver! The Kickstarter campaign is designed with the goal to raise the funds that will be used for making the Biker’s figure. After months of hard work, and effort, the prototype is here, and it looks amazing! Several exclusive rewards are already prepared for this Kickstarter! ESC-Toy, collectible company based in Las Vegas, Nevada was founded a decade ago, in 2005. Over the years, the company produced a wide range of limited edition collectibles. The company collaborated with Klei Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America, and many others. The limited edition collectibles are produced by ESC-Toy are highly successful, and they are sold all around the world, in Europe, U.S, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

You can help support the Biker project on Kickstarter today.

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