Hill Climb Racing 2 Launches on Android Today

Hill Climb Racing 2 Launches on Android Today

Multiplayer sequel to the physics-based Hill Climb Racing, downloaded over half a billion times, launching on iOS Devices in December

KEMPELE, Finland – Nov. 28, 2016 – Independent games publisher and studio Fingersoft has released the physics-based racer Hill Climb Racing 2 on Android devices. A sequel to the original Hill Climb Racing, downloaded over half a billion times worldwide, this totally new game introduces asynchronous online multiplayer, 30 unique stages at launch, bright visuals and a robust physics engine that makes races a blast.

“Multiplayer has been the number one request from our fans since Hill Climb Racing first debuted, and we’re thrilled to announce it’s finally here for the sequel,” said Fingersoft CEO Teemu Närhi. “Whether you are challenging your friends or the top of the leaderboard, Hill Climb Racing 2 is full of new ways to prove your skills to the rest of the world.”

Players in Hill Climb Racing 2 can compete in cups to gain ranks and unlock new levels, challenge friends to compete in races, or try to best the world’s top race times on the leaderboards. From mountaintop to valley to cityscape, new stages with dynamic environments deliver fresh gameplay surprises to overcome. It also features the original endless adventure mode from the first Hill Climb Racing, with more content arriving in free updates after release.

In addition, Hill Climb Racing 2 lets players upgrade their vehicle’s engines, tires, suspension, roll cage, paint job and more while customizing their driver’s appearance by swapping hats, shirts and trousers.

Watch the official Hill Climb Racing 2 Trailer:

Hill Climb Racing 2 is available today as a free download supported by in-app purchases on Android through Google Play. Hill Climb Racing 2 will make its debut on iOS devices via the App Store later this December.

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