High Strangeness Available Now in Europe for Wii U

Edison, New Jersey – May 28, 2015 – Wii U owners in Europe, rejoice! Barnyard Intelligence,  Reverb Triple XP and Midnight City  announced today that High Strangeness is available now in Europe. This release follows up the North American Wii U and worldwide PC release of High Strangeness unveiled on May 6.

High Strangeness Available Now in Europe for Wii U

“It’s been great to see the North American response to High Strangeness, especially after we first got the concept back in 2009,” said Ben Shostak, Lead Developer and Director of Barnyard Intelligence. “It’s a great honor to be able to claim High Strangeness as the first ever successfully funded video game on Kickstarter, but it’s been an even greater honor to hear back from gamers about how much they love the game. We’re excited for Wii U gamers in Europe to now get the same chance!”

High Strangeness is the first of its kind – a deftly blended hybrid of 8- and 16-bit games, referred to as a 12-bit adventure. Drawing inspiration from the timeless RPG and adventure classics that hailed from both generations, High Strangeness players take on the role of Boyd, who along with his trusty yet sarcastic feline friend, traverses between two worlds in order to solve a multi-layered and crazy mystery that draws its insanity from games of old. The ability to switch between the 8- and 16-bit worlds at will adds a unique wrinkle to the game and enables players to solve puzzles and figure out the secrets of the High Strangeness realm.

Here is the launch trailer:

High Strangeness is also available for PC.

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