HeroWarz Launches New Hero with Izanami Mega Update

HeroWarz Launches New Hero with Izanami Mega Update

Reign Supreme as the Gothic Loli Queen of the Underworld!

Irvine, Calif. – November 16, 2016 – KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, announced today its fast-paced action RPG, HeroWarz has launched the highly anticipated, eerily stunning illusionist, Izanami!

Shortly after being drafted into the longstanding war of the Underworld by King Bianchung, Izanami’s father passed away. Her mother was killed by the soldiers who were looking to draft Izanagi into the war; her only brother. With the help of an illusionist named Garbha, Izanami and her brother Izanagi barely escaped the soldiers.

From Garbha, Izanami had learned to master the mystic art of illusion while Izanagi learned the destructive lightning magic. While training with her brother, Izanami is kidnapped, and placed in the Pantheon, home of the Gods. Izanami finally escapes the Patheon prison, only to witness her brother killed in front of her. Enraged, Izanami kills everyone in sight and, in the process, liberates the Underworld. Lost without her brother, Izanami seeks to escape her past with the Dream Architect, Iago. Reality contorts and the veil withdraws to empower Izanami passage to a past yet realized, through the dream-state.

Here’s a simple in-game pros/cons breakdown of Izanami’s play style:

– Big, Flashy Damage
– High Mobility
– Hybrid Self Sustaining/Caster
– Mana Management

– A Glass Cannon, needs a watchful eye

– Unorthodox, mobile caster combat

For players new to HeroWarz, Izanami is an easy character to pick up, and for those who are veterans, her highly mobile, self-sufficient twitch caster controls are addicting. Though for an isometric action game perspective, her control can be a little unorthodox. From transforming to a butterfly, to blink-teleporting and blitz-like intercepts, a twitchy hand is greatly rewarded. However, her basic skill set and overall progression keeps even the most casual player hooked. As with all HeroWarz characters, Izanami can completely change up her combat play with epic passives gained from gear throughout the game; quite literally from low level to end game.
Playing as Izanami is just exhilarating. Every movement and attack animation crackles with dazzling, magical brilliance. Her subtle, dark eloquence draws you in and takes you hostage without a care in the world.

Take a look at the new Izanami cosplay screens:

HeroWarz will be celebrating Izanami’s launch with some AMAZING events and giveaways. Every 10 levels reached with Izanami (until level 100) will provide a random box with everything from costumes to mounts, up to $30 worth! A Roulette event provides the opportunity for players to earn highly sought after Sidekicks and much more. Don’t pass up these limited time events, check out the HeroWarz website for details – HERE

In addition to the launch of HeroWarz’ most anticipated character to date, a lot is going into this patch. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Auction House: Buy and Sell in a player created market, if it’s a tradable item, is auction-able!

  • Mystery Shop: Throwing in-game obtained mats and regs into a crock, the Mystery Shop lets player try their luck at a random chance of obtain Rare to Wonder ranked items!

  • Option Change System: Players will now be able to reroll the Passive Skill options on their ‘Costume’ items. This will allow players the ability to truly customize their character combat!

  • Izanami Sweepstakes: Every player that plays Izanami for a total of 4 hours within the next 2 weeks automatically gets entered into a drawing for some amazing prizes

  • Mana Soul (Pot) System: It may not seem like much to the unaware, but Mana is hard to come by. Mana Souls (Pots) will now drop from random mobs when slain (in addition to HP Souls)

  • A huge Shop update with Lava (hot), Steampunk and NPC look Costumes

Watch the new HeroWarz Izanami trailer:

Hero! Show this Underworld, gothic loli queen some love. Become revolutionary. Play HeroWarz. To learn more about HeroWarz please visit http://herowarz.koggames.com/.

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