Heroes’ Tale Trading Card Game on Kickstarter, Trailer

Heroes’ Tale fuses tabletop role-playing games and playing cards, to create a rich, visual role playing experience.

The game is a fusion of Tabletop RPG games, like Dungeons and Dragons, and trading card games. It uses a 20-sided dice system along with playing cards. The game can have has many players as the Game Master wants. One player plays as the Game Master, which plans and controls the world the Heroes live in. The rest play as Heroes’ and try to survive in the world the Game Master creates.

The Heroes can completely customize their own character through diverse vendor decks, which they use to purchase gear and abilities from. The Game Master may also place down a vendor deck for the Heroes to buy from.

You can view the trailer below:

Currently the game is asking for $60,000, already has 105 backers funding $9.158 with 25 more days to go.

Will you be backing up the game?