Heroes & Generals New Update Details

Heroes & Generals New Update Details

September 3, 2015, Copenhagen – Reto-Moto has released a new update for the popular WW2 MMOFPS, Heroes & Generals, codenamed ‘Xylander’. This new update brings a powerful rifle and a knife for the Soviet faction, new camouflage uniforms, new weapon skins, XP-bonuses for war-battles, a new credits earning model and introduces the ‘Battle Director’ which gives better balance to battles played in the war.

In the previous ‘Walker’ update the German and the US faction gained access to high-level full automatic infantry rifles and now it is time to even the score by giving the Soviet faction access to an equally powerful rifle: the Avtomaticheskaya Vintovka Simonova 1936 model aka. the AVS-36, capable of firing in full auto mode and furthermore fires full-size rifle ammunition.

In Heroes & Generals, you can join two types of battles: ‘Staged battles’ which are evenly balanced auto generated battles and ‘War battles’ where other players, in the role as Generals, maneuvers army units and controls resources. ‘War battles’ can be quite unbalanced as they depend on how well the Generals manage the resources just like in real war.

To avoid being forced to play overly unbalanced battles, the Xylander update introduces a ‘Battle Director’  algorithm that identifies which ‘War battles’ are fun and suitable to be played and allows players to join these. The rest of the battles will be auto-resolved. Furthermore, as a reward for joining ‘War battles’ you will now get extra bonuses for Rank XP and Ribbon XP, making you progress faster.

All soldiers earn credits when in battle, but now the base salary is based on the time you actively play the game instead of on how many battles you complete. The base salary increases as you rise in ranks and you will still earn additional credits by capping, wounding, killing etc. If your faction wins the battle you now receive a small bonus and you get an additional bonus for staying until the battle ends.

To offer more customization options, German Infantry, Tankers, Recons and Paratroopers now have access to a selection of new authentic camouflage uniforms. Soviet Recon soldiers also have access to four new camouflage variations.

There are a new batch of weapon skins available for the AVS-36, the Sturmgewehr 44, the MP-40 and the M1917 Revolver, including an exclusive “Eisernes Kreuz” skin for the P08 Parabellum with an iron cross engraved ivory handle.

Here is the new Heroes & Generals Xylander Update video:

You can play Heroes & Generals for free.

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