Heroes Evolved Review for Android

Heroes Evolved Review for Android

Heroes Evolved by developer R2Games is a fantasy-based MOBA that draws heavily on League of Legends and Dota 2. The game’s biggest strength is that it offers players the opportunity to utilize many different heroes in the fast-paced matches that constitute its gameplay. It also offers a lightweight client, which translates to a quick download so that players can begin their journeys as soon as possible. However, most of the artwork and heroes of Heroes Evolved prove to be very generic for the MOBA genre. It also features aspects that require players to spend money to access, which serves as a detriment for a game that proclaims itself to be free to play. In all, Heroes Evolved is cut from the same cloth as many other MOBAs and does not attempt to create for itself an individual identity.

Once players start Heroes Evolved, they have the option to complete a tutorial. The introduction explains the core aspects of the game, such as how to use a hero’s special abilities. Players learn that they must work together with their teammates to destroy the opposing team’s base, which is called an aegis. Players also unlock the hero Minerva through completing the tutorial and also become acclimated to the game’s main menu, which presents many different options.

Heroes Evolved Review for Android

Players amass gold with which to purchase new characters quickly. This element of the game is critical, as the game truly lives and dies based on how players perceive the heroes. All of the heroes possess four different attributes: physical, magic, defense, and difficulty. They can also be separated by their strength, agility, and intelligence. Players also can choose what build they prefer to play as. Builds such as melee, ranged, nuker, durable, disabler, ganker, carry, and pusher all feature prominently in Heroes Evolved. Players can also choose use in-game currency to change the skin of their heroes, which supplements the uniqueness of any one playthrough. Unfortunately, the game makes it such that players need to become VIPs to play as certain heroes. This development tempers the idea of customization that the game seems to otherwise radiate.

As for actual gameplay, Heroes Evolved offers ranked matches, PVP (either solo or in a party), and custom competitions. Players can equip their heroes with different weapons and armor, utilize runes to enhance abilities, and attempt to beat either live contestants or the computer in 5 vs 5 matches.

The game’s controls work well on mobile. Buttons to use special abilities and basic attacks are large but do not excessively impede one’s ability to view the screen. Players also move their heroes by utilizing an on-screen analog stick, which makes the game very user-friendly and designed extremely well for its platform.

Heroes Evolved Review for Android

When it comes to competitive play, players must win five rounds before being allowed to play a match to that will determine if they will be promoted to a higher level. The game maintains competitiveness at higher levels through its mechanic that demotes players who lose frequently.

Heroes Evolved adeptly fulfills the requirements of the MOBA genre. However, the fact that its gameplay and characters are extremely reminiscent to those of games like League of Legends and Dota 2 detracts from its originality and makes it such that it does stand out from its competitors. Heroes Evolved is a good MOBA, but not an excellent one.

Rating: 6.5/10

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You can download Heroes Evolved on the App Store and Google Play.