Help Support CITY OF THE SHROUD on Kickstarter

Help Support CITY OF THE SHROUD on Kickstarter

Developer Abyssal Arts  has announced that City of the Shroud has returned to Kickstarter with a new campaign. With the groundbreaking combat fine-tuned and our innovative story campaign tested and ready for launch, the developer is seeking $14,000 to build the 3 character models needed to complete the full set of playable classes available in the final game.

City of the Shroud was Greenlit on Steam in just three weeks, so every backer of the campaign will receive a Steam code for early access builds soon after the campaign ends successfully.

In addition, Abyssal Arts has added the ability to order a signed, physical copy of the upcoming City of the Shroud novel by chart-topping indie author Moira Katson, who is writing the game.

They are also offering a very limited run of amigurumi by The Yarn Mouse at the $250 tier; here’s a preview:

Help Support CITY OF THE SHROUD on Kickstarter

City of the Shroud Game Description:

City of the Shroud is a tactical RPG with a combo-based battle system.

Your fights unfold in an addictive mixture of turn-based and real-time combat. Chain together powerful special abilities to create deadly combos and defeat your opponents in a fast-paced tactical game unlike anything you’ve played before.

As you battle your way through enemies both human and fantastical, you and every other player will drive the plot forward together in an episodic campaign with a twist. Every player has an impact on the state of the world, and the total effect of everyone’s actions will shift or strengthen alliances, bolster factions or doom them completely. We only know where the story starts – but where it goes, and how it ends, is up to you.

The story is written by the chart-topping independent novelist Moira Katson, author of The Light & Shadow Trilogy as well as other stories and novels, and is directed by former Capcom Japan veteran Keaton White, whose past titles include Street Fighter V, Deep Down, and Dead Rising 3.

City of the Shroud’s Kickstarter campaign will be running through April, with stretch goals to be announced at a later date should the campaign hit its target.

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