Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Review for Android

This is the review for the Android version of the free-to-download, hack and slash title, Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure, by NHN Entertainment Corp.

The world is on the brink of destruction after a mysterious explosion rips through a massive nuclear plant. Rescued by Security Manager Jack, the player is tasked with locating scientists and cleaning up PEB radiation spewing from mutants roaming the nearly destroyed planet.

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Review for Android


We found the graphics of Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure colorful, vibrant and eye-captivating. The background and textures of each stage are unified, giving the game an almost cut-scene type of quality. We gave the graphics a 5/ 5.

The sound in each level has a very cool futuristic sci-fi-like vibe to it and corresponds perfectly to the movements of the characters. We gave the sound a 5 / 5.

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Review for Android


The gameplay of Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure is one of the best qualities of the game. Players get to explore the lost cities of the Earth and customize their skills across multiple classes to create the perfect fallout fighter. We found the upgrade feature of the weapons and armor as well as character customization very enjoyable. Another fun aspect of the game is the constant need to discover secret passageways with keys and bombs, as well as rebuilding the sci-fi headquarters in order to unlock new skills and research new technologies. The main object of the game is to rescue the planet from radiation and discover who’s responsible for blowing up the nuclear plant in a sci-fi adventure of epic proportions. The rescuing of Partners, who can deal heavy damage, defend the squad, heal the player, and buff stats helps you achieve your main goal. We gave the gameplay a 5 / 5.

The developers have done a great job with the controls by making Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure super user friendly and intuitive. Action icons pop up across the screen and develop as you move through the stages in an easy to understand manner. Just click on the action icon that you need and your character or Partner will follow your command.   If we could add one thing to make the gameplay even more enjoyable, it would be to enable the character to run. Sometimes the character moved a bit too slowly across the screen. We gave the controls a 4/ 5.

Overall we found Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure to be FUN, fast-paced, and keep you coming back for more.


5 / 5