Help Dream Factory on Steam Greenlight

Help Dream Factory on Steam Greenlight

Developer Borgan’s Workshop is looking for your support to get their simulation title, Dream Factory, to get Steam Greenlit.

Dream Factory is a brand new single-player sim-game with the elements of history based on the true stories of both Modern and Old Cinema worlds. The development team aimed to create the new sim-game for the ones who think the film making process is a piece of cake. The sim game will show off the process starting with the building of your own filming locations and finishing with marketing campaign or even award winning.

Unlike some other sim-projects, Dream Factory has the story and scenario. The developer aims to bring back memories about most prominent events in the worlds of cinema industry. You will be able to ‘dive’ into the world of film making process and think over the strategies for competition process. In addition, you will be able to compete with other players and their movie project.

Here is the official Dream Factory trailer:

You can vote for Dream Factory on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Press Release