Hello Neighbor Modding Competition Announced by tinyBuild

Hello Neighbor Modding Competition Announced by tinyBuild

tinyBuild teams up with Mod DB to host the #HelloMods competition

tinyBuild GAMES is excited to announce the Hello Neighbor Modding Competition HelloMods.com

They have partnered up with ModDB to giveaway cash prizes and games for the best mods created based on the newly released Hello Neighbor Mod Kit.

  • $5k in cash prizes
  • Fully moddable version of Beta 3 of Hello Neighbor
  • Available via the Unreal Engine Installer

Looking for help getting started? Check out Mod DB’s Hello Neighbor tutorials page for resources, and the main page – HelloMods.com for details on the competition.


The way the Mod Kit is set up allows modders to create whole new levels, puzzles, and use the self-learning AI.

Note that as of today, mods can be played via the Unreal Editor. Some time next week tinyBuild will release an updated Beta 3 build that allows mods to be played in the standalone game.

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