Hellblade New Environment Art Style Test Video

Hellblade New Environment Art Style Test Video

Developer Ninja Theory has released a new environment art style test video for Hellblade.

Here is what Dan Attwell – Principal Environment Artist had to say,

“An environment art style test is a way of getting a sense of what a finished level will look like, and is a way of helping an art team to find their feet in the terms of the overall style of the game. It generally takes the form of a vignette, or diorama of a small part of a level, and is presented as a fly though video, or a small, controlled playable demo. On Larger projects they are usually part of early milestone deliverables for the publisher. In very basic terms, you can think of them as in-game concept art.” (you can read the full story on the official blog).

Hellblade is being developed for PS4.

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Source: OfficialNinjaTheory