Hellblade Musical Composer Revealed in New Development Diary

Developer Ninja Theory has revealed the musical composer for Hellblade in a new development diary.

Hellblade Musical Composer Revealed in New Development Diary

Here is what they had to say about Andy LaPluega.

But for this to work, the musician has to be on the same page and you need a level of innate understanding that allows you both to push and explore beyond the basic needs.  I had this with Andy LaPluega.

If we were doing a traditional commercial AAA game, I would put my preferences aside but a lot of Hellblade is driven by our personal influences. I knew for sure that Andy could do the Viking battle music but unsure about other styles.  But I thought it might make sense to put some faith in his musical ability and see what he can do.  After all, that is a demand we put on ourselves, to work outside of our comfort zones so why not do the same with Andy?

By now you may have noticed a pattern in our approach be it art, characters or gameplay.  We start with a germ of an idea, explore freely beyond the obvious choices, focus on key motifs and then develop a cohesive whole.  This approach seems to work for all creative endeavours, and it seems to work for music.  It is an approach that depends on having creative faith in people who have a burning desire and ability to explore and push beyond convention.


Hellblade is being developed for PS4.

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