Hellblade Dev Diary #5 Now Live

Developer Ninja Theory has released its 5th dev diary, ‘Business of Creation’ for Hellblade.

Hellblade Dev Diary #5 Now Live

Here is what they had to say about it,

In the video we talk about Ninja Theory being “independent”, and we mean this in the traditional sense of the word. Ninja Theory is a studio that is not controlled by another company. And in the case of Hellblade we are creating and publishing the game ourselves. Why don’t we call ourselves “indie”? There is a particular ethos, culture and energy that surrounds the word “indie” that we admire, but we don’t think we’ve earned that tag yet. After all, we are working on several other projects with big publishers.

Take a look at the Dev Diary #5 below:

Hellblade is being developed for PS4.

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Source: Ninja Theory