Happy 2nd Birthday, PAYDAY 2! Update 73 Now Live

PayDay 2 2nd birthday Gaming Cypher

PAYDAY 2 has just turned 2 and to help celebrate, Overkill Software and 505 Games are giving you a free throwing weapon. In the video, they also share some information regarding four much sought after features that are going to be released in the near future.

Here are Update 73 details:

(Update size: 92.9 MB)
  • Reduced the detection range of loot bags and body bags for stealth
  • Reduced the detection range of dead bodies in stealth
  • Reduced the detection range of drills for stealth
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the SWAT Van Turret would still count as a miss
  • Fixed a bug where players could still shout domination commands to converted enemies
  • Fixed a bug where players could gain an extra dominated cop after getting a player back from custody
  • Fixed an issue on Ukranian Job where bodies could fly out of reach in the scaffolding, rendering players unable to answer pagers
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t attach the LED combo to the Liebensauger .308 sniper rifle
  • Fixed an issue with collision connected to the LEO pistol
  • Reverted iron sight alignment fixes for Locomotive 12G and Reinfeld 880 shotguns to fix the issues caused when using some stock modifications
  • Adjusted sight alignment for M308, Interceptor 45, Krinkov and Gewehr 3
  • Fixed requirements on “Hedgehog” achievement to only trigger when using a Bow
  • Fixed requirements on “Triple Kill” achievement to only trigger when using a Sniper Rifle
  • Fixed an issue where Gambler Perk Deck effect would trigger with picked up projectiles
  • Fixed so that health regen works during Berzerker effect, but only if the Player with Berzerker has Gambler Perk Deck equipped. Life regen from other players still do not apply to a player with the Berzerker effect.
  • Fixed an issue where getting an escape during any heist listed in the Contact achievements would make the heist completion not count towards the achievment
  • Fixed an issue on The Bomb: Dockyard where the Loot Drop Off Point could be used after the alarm had gone off
  • Fixed an issue with the Buzzer stun locking Bulldozers affected by Feedback even after Feedback has worn off
  • Fixed an issue where the Buzzer could stun enemies affected by Dominate and reset the Dominate state
  • Fixed an issue on Shadow Raid where dominating the camera room guard would not deactivate the cameras
  • Fixed an issue with the Armor Bag on multiple day heists where the detection risk would remain on subsequent days
  • Fixed issue so the escape vans on Big Oil day 1 stack loot bags like on other levels
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the big machine on Big Oil day 1
  • Fixed an issue on Firestarter day 3 with the interaction text for the recording camera
  • Fixed a bug on Framing Frame day 3 where guards would be unable to detect a specific broken camera
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Watch Dogs day 1 due to a civilian spawning from a car crash event
Golden Grin Casino
  • Fixed an issue where sleeping gas showed up in the incorrect spot once used in the hotel room
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the winch
  • Fixed minor art issues
  • Calmed down more civilians that spawned as panicked fromt the beginning of the heist

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