Halo 4 Matchmaking Update 6.3.13

343 Industries has released Halo 4’s Update 6.3.13, which contains the Weapon Tuning Update as well as other Matchmaking updates.

The update includes several of Halo 4’s multiplayer weapons that have been slightly tuned to provide optimal Matchmaking experiences.

In addition to weapon tuning, the following updates have also been applied to Matchmaking:

The “Slayer Pro” game mode in Big Team Infinity Slayer and Infinity Slayer now has an Assault Rifle loadout. Also, the “Global Skill searching,” or CSR matching duration, has been increased once again for all playlists. This increase will help ensure that Matchmaking is primarily searching for both teammates and opponents at your per-playlist CSR level.

The Majestic DLC playlist has returned as the “featured DLC” playlist. We will continue to offer a variety of DLC maps in this slot, and may update the game types, maps, and even team sizes moving forward to keep DLC content fresh and available in Halo 4 Matchmaking. The Community Forge Island playlist has been retired. In Capture The Flag, the overtime period has been increased from one minute to two minutes in order to allow for even more nail-biting, and “big party matching” has been turned on, which ensures that parties of three or more will get matched with parties of three or more. In King of the Hill, the hill point limit has been increased from 25 to 50, and the score to win has been increased from 150 points to 250 points to provide more control-based game play.

Lastly, the multiplayer design team has been updating all of Halo 4’s maps with new weapon (ordnance) locations, new weapon drops, updated starting, vehicle, and objective spawns, and even new Forge objects to diversify and balance gameplay.

Full details of these changes are below.


  • Sniper rifle above gold lift
  • Sniper rifle next to red spawn by the cliff
  • Overshield placed on 1st floor of center structure equidistant from both team spawns
  • Red flag moved to bottom of gold lift
  • Blue flag moved back closer to cliff


  • Overshield placed in center of map below Mantis
  • Twin Sniper rifles placed on the corners of the map
  • Needlers replace the frags in the center room in the corners
  • Adjusted cover and line of sight in the top hallways to help attackers in objective modes


  • Moved spawns farther apart and in proper “bases”
  • Flags are now moved to their respective “bases”
  • Red team Sniper rifle moved to the 2nd floor of their “base”
  • Rocket Launcher replaces Sword in the courtyard


  • Mantis replaces Scorpion and placed equidistant from both team spawns
  • Laser spawns in center cave

Railgun is in front of each team spawn replaces SAW Removed Gauss Hog and replaced with Rocket Hogs for each team

Exile CTF

  • Team spawns and flags pushed back into their respective “bases”
  • Sticky Det spawns in Banshee hangar (no Banshee)
  • No team Warthogs
  • Gauss Hog spawns in the center of the map and is flipped onto its side
  • SAW in front of each team spawn
  • Beam rifle spawns in the cave over by the Scorpion bay


  • Rotated team spawns 90 degrees to oppose each other on the opposite axis found currently in matchmaking
  • Sword spawns in the upper center
  • Concussion rifle spawns next to closed ramp
  • Sniper rifle spawns next to open ramp
  • Lifts are now at the drop downs to allow more flow to the upper level
  • Colored lighting to distinguish player/map orientation
  • Miscellaneous grenades placed around the map


  • Moved spawns and flags to opposite corners of the map. Blue flag in lift room and red flag by sea side
  • Shotgun, sniper rifle, and Overshield are initial weapon spawns


  • Gauss Hog at each team spawn
  • Banshee at each team spawn
  • 4x Shade turrets at the center fort on the ridge
  • Overshield in center cave
  • Beam rifle and Rocket launcher at each team spawn


  • Fuel Rod replaces Incinerator cannon at each team spawn
  • Gauss Hog at each team spawn
  • Plasma turrets inside each side bunker
  • Scattershot at each side bunker

Meltdown (CTF)

  • Mantis at center of map under bridge
  • Beam rifles on top of the side bunkers
  • Plasma turrets inside each side bunker


Added Rocket Hog to vehicle set

Ragnarok (CTF)

  • 2x SAWs at each team spawn
  • Railgun in the field opposite Pelican crash site


  • Removed Incinerator from low center
  • Sword is alone at low center
  • Fuel Rod spawns on the side of the map equidistant from the team spawns


  • Gauss Hog at each team spawn
  • Mantis at each team spawn
  • Banshee low center equidistant from team spawns

In case you missed it, you can check out the Halo: Spartan Assault video. What did you think?