H1Z1 Requesting for Input Before Tuesday’s Special Event

A few days ago, President of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, announced that SOE will be doing a special event for H1Z1 on Tuesday, April 29th from 9am-9pm.

H1Z1 Requesting for Input Before Tuesday's Special Event


Just now, Smedley posted the following to Reddit, asking for input for Tuesday’s event by Monday, 6pm PT.

Take a look below:

We want to have some fun Tuesday to change things up a little. We want you all to tell us what to make on Tuesday. Pick a fun feature we can make for you between 9am and 9pm. You’ll get to watch it developed and hear directly from the people implementing it.

Of course, we have yet to get the time machine to function, so I would ask that you pick something reasonable. We’ll weigh in in this thread on stuff that wouldn’t actually be doable in that time frame.

So this call for ideas is now officially out there. Step up and come up with some cool ideas you want to see in H1Z1.

We will leave this to you to decide. If you can’t make a decision we’ll pick something fun from your list. But our great preference is for you to figure it out for yourselves. Self Organize. Vote. However you want to do it.

You have until 6pm Monday Pacific time.

Have fun!


Source: John Smedley