H1Z1 Developer Spotlight Video

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new developer spotlight video for its MMO title H1Z1.

H1Z1 Developer Spotlight Video

Game Designer Lenny Gullo talks about the following:

The game environment is currently set in Northwest America where there are more trees and rolling hills, but less swamps and deserts. As the map gets expanded, more areas will be added.

Chopped trees are currently being explored in order to make the game more immersive. The team is exploring what happens once a tree gets chopped down as to whether it will grow back slowly over time, instantly or not at all.

Landmarks and signs around the map are being placed in order for the player to be able to find locations and friends. In addition, markers and unique silhouettes are being added.

New terrain tool is being worked on in order to be able to generate the map quicker. In addition, a less dense forest and a lack of variety is being worked on.

Take a look at the new dev diary below:

H1Z1 will be released first on PC on Steam Early Access for around $20 and then on PS4. The full game will be free-to-play and supported by microtransactions.

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