Guts & Glory Physics Game by tinyBuild Needs Your Support on Kickstarter, Open Alpha

Guts & Glory Physics Game by tinyBuild Needs Your Support on Kickstarter, Open Alpha

Publisher tinyBuild GAMES and developer HakJak announced that Guts & Glory, a physics-based “Happy Wheel 3D” style game (made in Unity 3D) that’s made waves on Youtube, is currently on Kickstarter.

You can download the latest Guts & Glory ALPHA build right now for free. The game will soon go into Private Beta, which will be available only to Kickstarter backers & tinyBuild partners.

Guts & Glory Planned Features:

(The core mechanics of this game lay the foundation for a huge amount of potential)

  • LEVEL EDITOR!  with Steam Workshop integration.  This will be a core part of the game and also available to Beta Testers and Steam Early Access purchasers.  This is my top priority to complete before the game launches on Early Access.
  • More Heroes:  New characters and vehicles, including flying/hovering types.
  • More Hazards:  Fire?  Lava?  Death rays?  Laser cats?  Exploding vampire babies?  There are so many possibilities.
  • More Special Items:  Zero Gravity Boosters?  Magnetic Fields?  Time Control Zones?  Psychedelic trips?
  • AI Characters:  I will definitely add simple artificial intelligence characters to the game, such as pedestrians that wander about and run away screaming.  I would like to add some more complex characters as well, like chainsaw-wielding maniacs that chase you.
  • 100 “Official” Challenges, spread across 10 different themed Maps.
  • Even more controller support + control mapping and customizations.
  • Further Steam integration
  • In-Game Video/GIF sharing! #GutsAndGlory #GnG
  • “Family Friendly Mode”
  • Extreme Blood and Gore settings

Here is the official Guts and Glory Kickstarter Video:

So go ahead and check out the Open Alpha and back the Kickstarter if you like what you see.

Guts & Glory is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

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