A Gummy’s Life Let’s You Beat the Sugar Out of Your Friends

A Gummy's Life Let's You Beat the Sugar Out of Your Friends

Ever want to beat the sugar out of some squishy gummies? How about seismic tossing your sharked-shaped gummy friend off the side of a spinning amusement park ride? A Gummy’s Life, a sweet multiplayer physics-based brawler, is taking over the city!

Grab some friends and take on the role of one of the many jellied treats that have come to life to fight in a deathmatch on top of a whirling clock or even on top of jiggly flan! Take out your controllers (yes—even your dusty old GameCube one) and enjoy the game with up to 16 players. Watch as your gummy jiggles its way to victory and show everyone who’s in charge of the sugar!

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A Gummy’s Life features:
  • Different maps with very different tastes: Each map has a uniquely different feel. Watch your fallen foes come back to life as AI in the zombie map as they try to stop you from winning! Score a goal and aim to be the last one standing in the football field!
  • A treat for all ages: Easy to pick up— even your grandma may kick your butt!
  • Realistic gummy physics: Wobble your way to victory or flop as a loser
  • Choose your flavor: With 10 different gummies in the game’s early access, you’ll get to customize their color to set yourself apart from the crowd.

“We love games that pay attention to details. Based on that, we wanted gamers to go through a different experience with their friends in every single one of our levels. We also want our game to make people laugh—laugh a lot! A Gummy’s Life has no age boundaries, and we know it’ll be a lot of fun to play with your friends or family.”
⦁ Daniel Barba, CEO at EP Games

Here is A Gummy’s Life Teaser Trailer:

A Gummy’s Life will release on Steam on April 7th, 2017 with 10% off its early access price of $9.99. Add it to your wishlist now to get a copy while it’s on sale!