Guinness World Records Reveals top Mario Records Ahead of SUPER MARIO RUN Release

Guinness World Records Reveals top Mario Records Ahead of SUPER MARIO RUN Release

New York, NY – Guinness World Records reveals the top Mario records ahead of the launch of Nintendo’s new iOS game Super Mario Run this week. The new game features the iconic plumber Mario and other Nintendo personalities and is tipped to be a huge hit in the gaming world.

Stephen Daultrey, Editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, says,

“Mario is arguably the most well-known and ubiquitous character in the history of gaming. Love him or loathe him, he’s a legend.”

Check out the records the plucky plumber has achieved, some of which are featured in the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition.


Guinness World Records Reveals top Mario Records Ahead of SUPER MARIO RUN Release
Photo Credit: Shinsuke Kamioka/Guinness World Records

Best-selling Mario videogame

Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, 1985) on NES is the best-selling Mario game, with sales of 40.24 million as of 31 July 2013. A large portion of its success attributed to the game being bundled with the NES (Famicom in Japan) at the console’s release in 1985.

Because of the terrific sales, this also makes it the Best-selling platform videogame. This game is special for more than one reason, namely because it is also the first Mario title to be set in the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s the game that debuted the rest of the iconic characters of the Mario games with appearances from Bowser, Princess Toadstool (known later as Princess Peach) and Toad. What a long way Mario has come since then!

Guinness World Records Reveals top Mario Records Ahead of SUPER MARIO RUN Release
Alex Tan, Fastest Completion of Super Mario

First person to complete Super Mario World blindfolded

“PangaeaPanga” Alex Tan completed Super Mario World in just 23 minutes 14 seconds while blindfolded – a feat which was aired live on Twitch. The 20-year-old American describes himself as a Super Mario World hacker and a speed-runner. He began learning blindfolded strategies in June 2015 and started executing those skills just one month later. “This run features three deaths, getting lost briefly in Starworld, baby Yoshi eating the goal tape, and entertaining spectators to keep the hype up for when I was too concentrated on the run,” he wrote on his YouTube page. The record was achieved on an emulator version of the game and he used keyboard controls.

Largest collection of Super Mario Memorabilia.

The largest collection of Super Mario memorabilia contains 5,441 individual, unique items and belongs to Mitsugu Kikai (Japan). It was counted in Tokyo, Japan on 15 July. His collection includes posters, stationary, cuddly toys of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Toad.

Most critically acclaimed Mario video game

It’s no surprise that the most critically acclaimed Mario game is out of this world. Literally taking place in space, Super Mario Galaxy scored 97.64% on GameRankings, as of 18 May 2015.

The game was released in 2007 exclusively for Wii, and allows players to go through a series of galaxies and planets to collect stars and save Princess Peach from Bowser once again. Its 2010 follow-up, Super Mario Galaxy 2, is the second most critically acclaimed Mario game, with a score of 97.35%.

Guinness World Records Reveals top Mario Records Ahead of SUPER MARIO RUN Release
Alex Tan, Most Difficult level created in Super Mario Maker

Fastest completion of Super Mario Bros

The 1985 NES classic Super Mario Bros. is arguably the most passionately speed-run game in history. Its top players now achieve times of such near-perfection that the differences in runs between them are determined by individual frames, which are invisible to the human eye unless played back in slow-mo.

In a topsy-turvy year in which the fastest times for the game flitted between the US players “darbian” and “Kosmicd12”, the former finally recorded a new best time of 4 minutes 56.878 seconds on 5 October 2016. Back in January 2016, darbian had said that the fastest a human can possibly complete this run (minus tools assistance) is 4 minutes 57 seconds exactly – a time he has now beaten.

Rarest Super Mario Game

In 1991, Nintendo toured US campuses with Nintendo Campus Challenge. After this national tournament, all the cartridges were destroyed save one, which was retained by a Nintendo employee and sold to US collector Rob Walters at a 2006 New York garage sale. In 2009, the game was resold on eBay for $20,100 (£12,350).

Largest Mario Mural 

Russia is home to the largest artistic tribute to the famous Mario character, for the record Largest Mario mural. Created by group ArtFacade, it was painted onto the side of a Moscow building, measured a tall distance of 165 feet (50.292 m) tall. The striking art piece was a joint commission by Nintendo Russia and the mayor of Moscow in late 2014, and was done as an attempt to raise both public spirits and celebrate the plumber’s 30th anniversary in September 2015.

First perfect completion of Super Mario Galaxy

Without losing a single life, Sweden’s Wii Player Snowymountain completed the entire game of Super Mario Galaxy. An absolutely stunning achievement, he earned 121 stars as both Mario and his unlockable brother Luigi in 2012.

The Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition is available in now for $14.99.

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