Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box Trailer

Guild Wars 2 developer, ArenaNet has put together a retro-style adventure update. The game has an 8-bit platformer theme, and unlike other dungeons can be completed either solo or in a group.

Game Director, Colin Johanson, said “it started out as a fun side project idea. Originally, we were going to have a laugh with a fake 8-bit update, but the more the team worked on it the more we realised we had something really cool on our hands.”

He then added, “we figured, the gaming community is really going to love this, let’s expand on the concept of the Living World in Guild Wars 2 and make it for real.”

You can check out the video for yourself below:

The Super Adventure Box is available during the month of April, and can be obtained by visiting Moto in Rata Sum

Are you looking forward to playing this retro version box?