GTA V The Rockstar Editor First Video ‘Running, Man’ by 8 Bit Bastard

Rockstar Games has introduced the first Grand Theft Auto V video shot and edited entirely using the all-new Rockstar Editor. 8-BIT BASTARD members Shoalts, Chaney, Gordy and Sonny, in collaboration with Rockstar, created this fun piece entitled “Running, Man” – depicting the loneliness of the long-distance Trevor set to the tune “K.Y.S.A.” by Phantogram featuring Bass Drum of Death (from the new GTAV PC radio station The Lab and the forthcoming LP Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos).

GTA V The Rockstar Editor First Video Running, Man by 8 Bit Bastard

Here is a brief Q&A with Shoalts of 8 Bit Bastard.

On favorite features of the Rockstar Editor:

“The ability to vary depth of field during a shot is amazing. There’s nothing more satisfying than balancing the depth of field and tuning the new filters to get the perfect shot. The filters are totally customizable and can completely change the feel of a scene.”

On the creative possibilities that the Editor now provides for:

“Before the Rockstar Editor, we were pretty restricted in what we could create because we could only record what was on screen. Now you can take the camera anywhere you want, I think we’re going to see some awesome machinima that just wasn’t possible before.

The new Director Mode is a huge deal for the creative community. The freedom to change weather, time of day and turn off cops is really useful. It also lets you choose from a huge list of playable characters, including animals, so I can’t wait to see the kind of videos that’ll start surfacing.”

On his experiences making movies ‘on location’ in Los Santos & Blaine County:

“What it comes down to is the ability to stage things that simply aren’t possible in other games, or even in the real world. GTAV’s map is huge, diverse and alive, so there really is no limit as to what you can pull off. Now that we can take the camera off the rails in the Rockstar Editor, the sky’s the limit.”


The Rockstar Editor is now available for use in GTA V PC. You can also take a look at a bunch of new GTA V for PC screenshots and details.

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