GTA Online Bonuses & Incentives for Feb. 19-25

GTA Online Bonuses & Incentives for Feb. 19-25

Today Rockstar Games is happy to announce a week’s worth of new playlists, Ammu-Nation discounts, and double GTA$ and RP Contact Missions coming to Grand Theft Auto Online.

The weekly update is one more step in ensuring GTA Online’s ever-growing population does not miss out on the latest content and bonuses to keep those MAZE bank accounts filled and arsenals stockpiled.


After a week of explosive action in Till Death Do Us Part during Valentine’s, this playlist of the same name extends the passion for seven more days. Simply hit the single button press when prompted in the GTAV launch screen to play through all five maps of this new Adversary Mode in succession.


To keep players properly equipped for missions with the ever-industrious Mr Trevor Philips, tactical Lester, commercial Lamar and the rest of them, Ammu-Nation is slashing its prices during the entirety of the promotional week. Stock up and arm up for the lucrative times ahead with discounts on the following:

  • Rifle Ammo – 50%
  • Body Armor – 50%
  • Grenades – 25%
  • Stickie Bombs – 25%


Players who log into GTA Online each day of the week will receive exclusive bonuses and discounts specific to that date. Checking in daily with the familiar, entrepreneurial faces means not missing out on some advantageous deals during this busy week. Here’s the schedule as follows:

  • Friday, 2/19: Double GTA$ & RP on all Trevor Missions plus 50% off Jerry Cans
  • Saturday, 2/20: Double GTA$ & RP on all Ron Missions plus 50% off all Blazers
  • Sunday, 2/21: Double GTA$ & RP on all Simeon Missions plus Double GTA$ on High Priority Vehicle Deliveries
  • Monday, 2/22: Double  GTA$ & RP on all Martin Missions plus 10% off Stilt Houses
  • Tuesday, 2/23: Double GTA$ & RP on all Lester Missions plus 25% off Lester Services
  • Wednesday, 2/24: Double GTA$ & RP on all Gerald Missions plus 50% off Micro SMGs and Machine Pistols
  • Thursday, 2/25:  Double GTA$ & RP in all Contact Missions


Tune in next week for a special stream featuring a playthrough of GTA Online Contact Missions.

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