GTA 5 Multiplayer Revealed – New Screenshots


Rockstar Games showcased Grand Theft Auto Online Big Reveal this morning.

A new multiplayer mode has been revealed. Here is what the developer had to say:

“There are a bunch of competitive multiplayer options – team deathmatch (aka, Crew vs Crew), regular deathmatch and car races. More interestingly, you’ve got a multitude of opportunities for co-operative play. Players can team up to abduct shipments of high-end motorbikes from factories, rob banks and participate in full-blown heists – parachuting onto an airport in order to make off with a massive cargo plane, slaying legions of Merryweather security guards in the process.”

Now, new screenshots have surfaced. You can check them out below:

You can check out the brand new GTA Online reveal video here.

GTA Online launches October 1 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Are you excited about playing?