Gryphon Knight Epic Now Available for PS4 and Xbox One in Europe

Gryphon Knight Epic Now Available for PS4 and Xbox One in Europe

Florianópolis, Brazil – We’ve been told the same tale many times: A knight who defeats all the odds to beat a maleficent beast and snatch the princess from its claws, and then comes back to the kingdom with his pockets full of shiny coins. But what happens next? Not all epic stories have this “Happily Ever After” at the end!

It’s been a long time, but developer Cyber Rhino Studios is finally happy to present today Gryphon Knight Epic for the European market, on PS4 and Xbox One EU digital stores. The story of Sir Oliver, a former glory challenged by his past, became a reality in PC thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been awarded as Best Indie Game at Brazil Game Show by IGN Brazil. Its enchanting visuals, easy gameplay and progression mechanics take us back to the golden age of shmups. As Cody Dietrich, Modvive, said, is “Mega Man and Gradius having a son” (we will leave that image in your mind).

We are proud to release GKE for the european market. It would had been easy to just wait for PEGI rating and release the same version we released for North and South America, but we wanted to do more. With that in mind we decided to localize the whole game for the main european languages as well! This way it feels more familiar and welcoming, hope you guys enjoy!”, says Sandro Tomasetti, Game Designer of Gryphon Knight Epic.

Here is the Gryphon Knight Epic Launch Trailer:

Both PS4 and Xbox One versions are now available in EU online stores for €9,99. You can also purchase it on Steam in the US for $9.99.

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