GRID Autosport Multiplayer Playlist Changes

Developer Codemasters has revealed the multiplayer playlist changes for GRID Autosport.

The following changes will be available in an upcoming patch:

  • Increased number of potential routes across each of the five disciplines
  • Increased number of GP routes that appear
  • Ensured all locations feature prominently (See Red Bull Ring)


“The playlists will now offer a lot more variety, as the total number of route/discipline combinations has increased over 400%, with both forwards and reversed route variations included wherever possible.

The routes chosen for each vehicle class have been tailored to suit their performance; with high-power vehicles featuring the longest, most challenging routes and vice versa.

The number of times a location could appear is something we’re also looking at and the changes made will ensure the likes of Istanbul, Spa and Red Bull Ring all appear across each appropriate discipline.”

This patch will become available for PC soon. We’ll let you know as soon as an official date is confirmed.

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Source: Codies Blog