Graywalkers: Purgatory New Screenshots and Details

Developer Dreamlords Digital has released new screenshots and details for their turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG, Graywalkers: Purgatory now on Kickstarter.

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Graywalkers: Purgatory is the first in a series of Emergent Strategic and Tactical Turn-based 3D Role-Playing Game set in a stylish supernatural post- apocalyptic world, where parts of Heaven, Hell and Earth have merged together in an event called “The Rupture”.

Your story begins in the new island of Purgatory, a place made up of displaced land masses located in the Bermuda Triangle.
In this game, you play the prophesied leader of the Graywalkers, the 36 Hidden Ones who walk the line between the darkness and the light. It is your task to gather them all, unite the different factions of Purgatory under your banner, and lead the war to reclaim the world for humanity against the supernatural forces that have dominated the world.

The game is inspired by a combination of the strategic, tactical and RPG elements of X-Com, Jagged Alliance, Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, and Civilization.

Game Features:

Custom Hero – Your player character is a special one, even among Graywalkers. Your character is customizable, where you can choose his or her gender, race, appearance, path, skills, and special abilities.

Races – You can be Human or one of the Hybrids: the Cambion (half-demon), Nephilim (half-angel), Dhampir (half-vampire), Wolfkin (half-werewolf), and Hunterborne (supernatural hunter).

Character Paths – “Paths” are the equivalent to classes in typical RPGs. Choose a path to take such as the magic-wielding Arcanist, the weapon master Armsmen, the stealthy Agents, the spiritually blessed Diviners, the firearms expert Soldiers, the hand-to-hand specialist Martialist, the perceptive Scouts, the versatile Adventurers, the intelligent Techs, and the lucky Survivors.

Recruitment – Find, convince, and recruit your Graywalker team members from a pool of at least 50+ playable NPCs, each with their own style, personality, motivation, relationships and history.

Level and Experience – Gain experience points through missions, and improve your character’s skills and abilities each time you level up

Strategic Management – Manage your resources, personnel, influence, technology, research, crafting and scavenging

Exploration – Explore a country sized island with different regions, each filled with interesting locations to visit, scavenge in, influence, and control.

Enemies – Encounter many kinds of enemies such as zealot cultists, rival gangs, dangerous criminals, demons, fallen angels, feral vampires, rabid werewolves, zombies, ghosts, witches and other supernatural creatures of legend.

Resources – Scavenge for resources, rebuild lost technology, recover ancient relics of power, and research entirely new technologies that fuse the powers of ancient magic and known science.

Combat Choice – When in combat, you can choose the quick and easy Strategic Combat or the down and dirty Turn-based Tactical Combat.

Strategic Combat – Resolve combat quickly and automatically especially when fighting enemies you know you can overwhelm.

Tactical Combat – Control up to 6 characters per team, and have multiple teams working in concert to execute tactical maneuvers against many or more powerful foes.

Special Abilities – Each character has a list of special abilities which are dependent on his Race, Path and Style.


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Special Features

There are several things that make Graywalkers Purgatory stand out from the rest:

  • Wyldekarde RPG System – The game will be utilizing a new table-top RPG system which we developed. We
    aim to bring a tabletop experience to the game
  • Emergent Gameplay – dynamic gameplay wherein the world acts on its own motivations, but its destiny can
    be changed and shaped by you. Each of your action (or in-action) will shape the economy and politics of the
  • Crowd Content – This initiative will allow people to share their talents to the game by contributing content
    such as 3d Models, 2d Art, music, sound effects, animations and others, and be rewarded


Take a look at the new screenshots below:


Head on over to the official Kickstarter page to support them and play the demo!

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