Grand Theft Auto – No Benefit in New Game Every 2 Years

Karl Slatoff, Take-Two’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Often times people ask us ‘Why don’t you come out with Grand Theft Auto every two years?’ To us, that doesn’t make sense, because Grand Theft Auto, every single time it comes out, is a brand new experience. You can’t possibly do that in two years. And if we did that, our product would fatigue and the franchise would degrade from a value perspective.”

At the Wedbush Transformational Technologies Conference, Slatoff said that there was plenty of material in the works. “Looking beyond 2013, with Grand Theft Auto V launching on September 17, fiscal 2014 should be one of the best years ever for the company with substantial revenue and earnings growth, and we also have an extensive pipeline of unannounced titles in development which you are going to hear about in the future months.”

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