Gomba, a “Rapid Prototype Game Creation” Tool for 3DS Unveiled

Gomba, a rapid prototype game creation tool for 3DS has been unveiled by Goodbye Galaxy Games’ creator, Hugo Smits.

Gomba, a Rapid Prototype Game Creation Tool for 3DS Unveiled

Here is what Smits had to say about Gomba,

Gomba is a rapid prototype game creation tool for Nintendo 3DS. It offers a game engine, level editor, simulator and C-like scripting language and debugger. It’s super easy in use. Non-programmers can probably create a simple game in just a hour. While advanced programmers can go nuts with the C-like script.

Right now I’m building it for Windows. I have plans to transform it into a online tool, probably made in Flash, so that you will only need a browser to run it.

Gomba provides features such as collision detection built-in. It’s also designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind — puzzle and adventure genres are cited as ideal for the tool-set.

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Source: Nintendo Life