Goliath is Now on Kickstarter

Goliath is Now on Kickstarter



 MINNEAPOLIS, MN – August 18, 2015 Everybody Makes Mistakes. You Make Giants Independent videogame developer Whalebox Studios today announced the launch of the Kickstarter funding campaign for Goliath. The inaugural title of a small team with big ideas and big talent, and slated for release on Steam (PC), Mac, and Linux in early 2016, Goliath explores the concept of survival in a world of giants, dropping players into a world at war where massive monsters roam. Fortunately, players can build giants of their own! Survive and search the world to discover the materials needed to craft tools and weapons, including Goliaths – giant robotic suits that will help even the odds against the enormous creatures that rule the land!

Whalebox Studio is seeking $50,000 in funding via the Kickstarter campaign to add additional features to the already feature-packed game. The Goliath team has been hard at work on the game for over a year and has the funding to complete the game based on the original design. As the team gathered input on the game from the gaming community, they developed ideas on how to make the game even better. Kickstarter funding will allow Whalebox to bring on more staff to add more features and polish others. These features include more Goliath variations, more weather interactions, more playable characters, improved music, additional multiplayer modes, and more.

Goliath Features:

  • Build A ‘Bot Factory: Learn how to create dozens of robotic Goliath suits from a variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal and more. Each Goliath can be customized and equipped with a variety of weapons – after you’ve learned how to craft them, of course.
  • Survive A Savage Land: Gather materials to build the tools you need to survive, including healing salves, protective fortresses and more. As you explore the world, you’ll learn more complex recipes for more advanced tools and weaponry.
  • Choose A Side: The world of Goliath is populated with several factions that vie for control of resources and territory. These factions include humans, the sentient robotic beings The Created, the demon-like Daemonari, and the elusive Forest Folk. Each faction can offer you different weapon and robot schematics, and you must choose which factions to align yourself with. Try to broker peace or rally your faction to accelerate the war!
  • Procedurally Generate World: Explore a unique world with every game, thanks to a procedurally generated world.
  • A Living World: Explore prairies, forests, swamps, tundras and more, all with a complete dynamic day/night cycle and weather. Weather and terrain affect your robots, so make sure you have the right machine for the job!
  • Co-Op and Competitive Multiplayer: Play through Goliath’s campaign together with a friend, or go head-to-head in arena PvP combat! In co-op mode, players drop into the host player’s version of the world. They can work together on the main quest, or tackle the game’s procedurally generated side quests. Since every player’s game world is different, players will encounter new quests that don’t exist in their version of the game every time they join another player’s world. Any rewards earned transfer back to their version of the game!

Here is the Kickstarter video:

Whalebox Studio is working in coordination with Viva Media and Encore games on Goliath, due for release on Steam (PC), Mac, and Linux in early 2016. You can help support Goliath on Kickstarter right now.

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