GOD CASTER Fantasy Online Trading Card Game Now on Square Enix Collective

GOD CASTER Fantasy Online Trading Card Game Now on Square Enix Collective

Maxmuses Game Studio, with the support of the Square Enix Collective, has announced God Caster, the world’s first digital trading game card based on national myths. This will be a magical fantasy game with original characters, plus gods representing all cultures around the world, from the Greek to the Vietnamese.

The interactive online game lets one play against real people and is packed with action and dynamics. The work-in-progress images released reveal a complex graphic art in pleasant tones and with an overall “cute, playful and magical” style.

GOD CASTER Fantasy Online Trading Card Game Now on Square Enix Collective

The Characters

In God Caster, players are Caster who can summon the card. Player can collect the god or monster card specific to their own country. Each card can then be upgraded up to the 7th level or merged with another one. The game enables fusions between these. Thus, Zeus can fusion with Odin for example, creating a new divinity with the merged traits and skills of both. The other characters designs stand out especially through their heart-shaped nose. Also, different moments within the game allow for customizations and enhancements and a lots of crazy function.


The game is customized and advanced through different items and features, like the following:

  • Unique game play: be active to take Myth Pan (mana) for summoning
  • Surprise and rare items to be picked quickly along with the Myth Pan
  • Evolve – any card in the game can be upgraded
  • Fusion – merge two gods or even two elements
  • New kind of card: “Food” support cards
  • Environment – affects the player’s card in several ways
  • Job: various jobs can be chosen, such as angel, devil, titan, elf, human
  • Master skills – get new strategies for battle
  • Toys – distract and annoy rivals
  • Fashion, Geography, Awaken etc. functions;

GOD CASTER Fantasy Online Trading Card Game Now on Square Enix Collective


God Caster is a cross-platform game: Windows, Mac and Linux, followed by consoles.

As for the languages, God Caster gets released in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Danish, Korean and Thai, with many more to follow.

Here is the God Caster TCG Teaser trailer:


The project requires crowd funding, with the first goal being set at $30k and ensuring the game becomes reality. The next step, set at $50k, lets it support 20 languages. For higher sums, more functions will be made available. For the VR version and 3D characters, donations must reach $350k.

The developer is currently calling for the community’s feedback for this first game and its future growth.

The game provides more freedom by allowing the players themselves to have an extensive role in determining how the options are used and how the story progresses. The many possible combinations enable many ways to advance and enhance the gameplay. Thus, the outcome is creative and unique.

You can help vote for God Caster on Square Enix Collective and Steam Green Light.

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