Goat Simulator is Heading to Retail Stores in July

Developer Coffee Stain Studio has been approached by publisher Deep Silver in order to get its fast growing title, Goat Simulator, in shelves across the US and Europe.

Goat Simulator is Heading to Retail Stores in July

Game Developer, Armin Ibrisagic, stated,

“Steam has always been our primary source of income, so a retail version is nothing we planned or thought would bring us a lot of income, we were more motivated by the fact that a physical box with a goat’s face on it is pretty funny shit, so we decided to go for it.”

Ibrisagic then added,

“I think Steam will always be our primary source of income,but it might be fun for people to show off Goat Simulator in their game shelves at home, and we might reach a target group that we usually wouldn’t reach, which is always fun.

“I can just imagine a mom seeing it in a store and being like ‘Oh, Goat Simulator, that sounds like a fun game where you take care of farm animals, little Timmy will love this!’ and the next day when they’re having dinner, Timmy’s like ‘Mom, this food is penis shaped.'”

Goat Simulator will release across retail stores in mid-July for $9.99 and includes the game’s last major content patch, patch 1.1., which brings local multiplayer to the game, alongside new goats and game modes. The game, which originally released digitally in April, also allows users to make their own goats, levels and missions using Steam Workshop.

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Source: Polygon