Gigantic Announcement Trailer for Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft and Motiga announced during GDC 2015 that Gigantic, a MOBA RPG shooter hybrid, is coming to Xbox One with Windows 10 cross-play support.

Gigantic Announcement Trailer for Xbox One and Windows 10

Gigantic is a team-based, five-on-five competitive action game with strategic elements, in which “heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy.”

Motiga’s David Reid stated,

“Gigantic on the Xbox One is a great experience. We’d always believed Gigantic could be a successful console title from the game’s earliest days, and many testers told us they saw the potential, too. We didn’t want to dumb down the experience or come out with a second-class port, though. This partnership with Microsoft lets us make an Xbox One version that’s first class all the way.”

Here are some new screenshots:


And, here is the announcement trailer:

Gigantic will be free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold members. A release date has not been revealed, but we’ll keep you posted. And yes, you will have to have Windows 10 if you want to play the PC version.

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Source: Xbox Achievements