Releases New Off-Road Super Racing Game Releases New Off-Road Super Racing Game

SINGAPORE, /PRNewswire/ — Casual gaming powerhouse released a new 3D racing game called Off-Road Super Racing. The game puts the player behind the wheel of a 4WD Off-Road vehicle and competing for the first prize. Off-Road Super Racing includes a championship mode, as well as a casual single race mode for training purposes.

The fast-paced racing game has six unique tracks with sceneries ranging from desert to the arctic circle. Winning the races in championship mode unlocks new vehicles and upgrades.

In total, there are five unique cars, each with 12 upgrade options. The upgrades not only have a direct impact on the top speed and acceleration of the car, but also the traction of the wheels, and capacity of the nitro boost tank. The player customizes the car details with more than 100 paint and sticker combinations. founder Sergei Eliseev said, “The new Off-Road Super Racing is tailored specifically to our younger audience who love racing games. The new title is available only on, and as with all our game titles, it is available completely free of charge. Users don’t even have to register to download the fast-paced racing game. Off-Road Super Racing offers great graphics and enough of challenge for the experienced players. We added several vehicles and numerous car upgrades to bring the game to a new level and increased the replay value tremendously.”

Watch the Off-Road Super Racing Game trailer: has been providing free and legal games to download for more than a decade and racing games have always been one of the most popular categories. The website includes more than twenty racing games ranging from supercars to 4WD vehicles and even police cars.

In addition to the racing games, Gametop has also released several new high quality hidden object games. Hidden objects, or sometimes called I-Spy games, are generally enjoyed by older gamers around the world.

In “The Hunt for Red Panda” the player is tracking down someone who is vandalizing famous paintings. Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten is the sequel for the popular Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny game. The player is tasked to find a way off from a mysterious island in both games. Lastly, The Far Kingdoms Elements is a unique blend of match-3 and hidden object games with an enchanting storyline.