Gamescom: Beyond Two Souls to Have Dual Mode, Tablet and Phone Control


Game’s creator, David Cage, showcased Dual Mode for Beyond Two Souls at Gamescom.

This mode allows a second player to take control of the game’s ghostly entity Aiden, as well as allowing players to control the game using a smartphone or tablet.

During a single-player game, the player has the ability to switch between controlling the protagonist, Jodie, and her ghostly presence chained to her, Aiden. In Dual Mode, the control is passed off using the triangle button, allowing a second person to play as Aiden. While the mode does not allow simultaneous play; it just lets two players pass off control of the game’s two characters.

Phone and tablet functionality is called “Beyond Touch” and requires players to download an app that lets them perform every action in the game via their device’s touch screen. In Dual Mode, both players can use their phone or tablet.

Beyond: Two Souls is scheduled for release October 8 exclusively for PS3.

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